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What issues should I pay attention to when installing a stereo garage?

    Before building a three-dimensional garage, there are still many issues to consider, because it involves site issues, planning issues, parking space requirements, and budgetary issues. Moreover, the mechanical three-dimensional garage has been included in the management of special equipment and belongs to special equipment. Manufacturers need relevant manufacturing licenses, so companies should pay attention to the relevant qualifications when looking for a three-dimensional garage manufacturer.
    The planning of each place is different, and even the requirements of each city are different. If it is an ordinary parking lot, the foundation construction needs to be unified with the overall planning of the surrounding area. The planning of the three-dimensional parking garage is different from the ordinary parking lot. It pays more attention to the details. After all, the construction of the ordinary parking lot is quite mature, and the three-dimensional garage is slightly difficult. Such as the location of the three-dimensional garage foundation. Ordinary parking lot Because the number of vehicles is limited, the pressure on the ground will not be too large, so it is easier to construct. However, the three-dimensional garage includes some weights such as machinery and steel. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the vehicle and the machinery during construction. The underground pipelines must be fully investigated to determine whether the foundation is suitable for construction. A three-dimensional garage with several parking spaces is suitable. Of course, the number of parking spaces is related to actual demand and budget. A relatively fragile ground situation like a lake is not capable of building a three-dimensional garage.
    The choice of the manufacturer of the three-dimensional garage is also very important. Many people are the first to build a three-dimensional garage, and there is no relevant experience. A good manufacturer not only has good products, but also can recommend suitable and cost-effective products. Because there are quite a lot of stereo garages, the most used on the market is the mechanical three-dimensional garage, which is divided into two to seven floors. After the establishment of the body garage, the manufacturer should also be taught how to use the management personnel, because in the actual use process, it is necessary to manage by special personnel.
    Here are two simple issues to be aware of, so the requirements for building a three-dimensional garage are still high, and management is needed later, but even so, the demand for stereo garages is still increasing.
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