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What is the difference between the smart garage and the two ways of lifting the chain and the wire r

    At present, in the country, nine categories of parking equipment, lifting and traversing category accounted for more than 80%. The most common lifting methods are chain lifting and wire rope lifting. The following is a brief comparison and explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the application of the wire rope lifting and chain lifting on the lifting and traversing parking equipment by the East Japanese technicians.
    1. Cost. In the case of three floors and below, the cost of the chain lifting method is relatively low. The main reason is that the reel of the wire rope lifting method is expensive, and the length of the lifting platform of the wire rope is longer than that of the chain lifting mode. There is no advantage in the chain of more than three layers, and the cost of the wire rope is relatively low. This is because the price of the chain is more expensive than that of the wire rope after more than three layers of the garage, and the consequent lengthening of the stringer and the beam frame must also result in The increase in cost.
    2. Running noise. The wire rope lifting method has an absolute advantage. The chain will make a loud sound during the lifting process, especially when the lifting height of the layer is increased to more than three layers, the chain lifting point on the platform plate is not in the same plane as the sprocket on the longitudinal beam, and the card is prone to occur. The phenomenon of teeth and even teeth. In the wire rope prompting mode, the wire rope and the reel and the pulley will not have these problems of the chain. Under normal circumstances, the lifting of the wire rope board will produce almost no sound during the lifting process.
    3. Impact force. The chain promotion method is dominant. When the elevator platform is started, the impact is large, and the chain drive can withstand a large enough impact force without breaking. However, the steel wire rope will be stretched and even knotted under the impact of operation, which affects the accuracy of the lifting operation. When used frequently, it is more likely to break under impact, which reduces the safety and reliability of the equipment. In addition, the wire rope is damaged and the wire rope is broken. It is not easy to be found. It will be replaced once every six months when it is used frequently, and its life is low.
    4, stability. The chain promotion method is dominant. Due to the different structure of the chain and the wire rope, the platform version of the chain lifting can only sway in the front and rear direction, and the platform version of the wire rope lifting oscillates all the way around the front and rear. At the same time, the same external force of the car platform is applied, and the platform version of the chain lifting is shaken. The amplitude is much smaller than the platform version of the wire rope lifting. As a result, the advantages of the chain lifting method are more obvious in equipment installed outdoors.
    5. Manufacturing and installation. Chain lifting methods predominate. The chain sprocket drive system is easy to install, safe and reliable in operation, and has been adopted by most manufacturers. It is the standard mode of the existing lifting and traversing parking equipment. Wire rope transmission requires a large volume of reel, which is responsible for manufacturing and affects the appearance. The installation may cause knotting or small strand breakage, which may cause safety hazards.
    6. Maintenance and replacement. Chain lifting methods predominate. In terms of the convenience of maintenance, the chain is damaged, just replace the damaged chain; the wire rope will not work, the whole wire rope must be replaced; the rope head must be pressed on the drum to ensure the winding Neat, the degree of tightness must be appropriate. From this point of view, whether it is the convenience of maintenance, the cost of maintenance, the chain prompting method is significantly better than the wire rope lifting method. However, it is easy to judge that the wire rope is damaged and the chain is damaged. The wire rope and the broken wire can be seen at a glance.
    It can be seen from the above that there are advantages and disadvantages in chain lifting and wire rope lifting in the lifting and traversing parking equipment. Generally speaking, the parking mode of the parking device below four floors tends to be chain-lifting, and the prompting mode of five or more layers tends to be driven by the wire rope.
    The above information is provided by Guangdong Dongri Parking Construction Management Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the research and development of double-column simple lifting, foundation pit lifts, vertical circulation, lifting and traversing, tower storage, roadway stacking, plane mobile and other products. , manufacturing, installation and maintenance and after-sales service in one. For more information, please contact the contact person: Ms.Ruan / 13926872452, Ms. Huang / 13802373158


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