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What should you pay attention to when starting the stereo smart garage?

    1. Check before starting: Zero grounding wire, cable wire and cable guide frame; no leakage of mechanical parts, safety device and electrical instrument are sensitive and effective.
    2. The drive transmission part should work smoothly and without noise, and the gear box has no oil leakage.
    3, the structure of each part should be free of deformation, the connection bolts are not loose, the joints are not open (off) welding phenomenon, the wire rope is fixed and lubricated well, the operation range is barrier-free, the assembly is accurate, the attached wall is firm and meets the design requirements.
    4. The wire rope of each part has no broken wire and excessive wear, and the fixture and rigging are fully equipped to meet the requirements.
    5. The gears, racks, guide rails, guide rollers and lubrication points are well lubricated.
    6. The use of the safety fall arrester must be validated or replaced in time during the expiration date.
    7. Before the parking equipment is in operation, it should be checked whether the equipment has the registration certificate issued by the quality and technical supervision department, and carefully read the “Instruction Manual”. A comprehensive understanding of the environment around the work site is required.
    8. Equipment management personnel should work closely with the driver when working. The driver's signal should be strictly carried out when the driver works. If the signal is unclear or wrong, the driver should refuse to perform.
    9. During the operation, the equipment management personnel shall not leave, and the vehicle must be parked in the reserved parking space in accordance with the operation specifications.
    The above information is provided by Guangdong Dongri Parking Construction Management Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the research and development of double-column simple lifting, foundation pit lifts, vertical circulation, lifting and traversing, tower storage, roadway stacking, plane mobile and other products. , manufacturing, installation and maintenance and after-sales service in one. For more information, please contact the contact person: Ms.Ruan / 13926872452, Ms. Huang / 13802373158


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