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What are the classifications and characteristics of the three-dimensional garage?

    First, vertical lifting
    1. This is a vertical lift type garage, a non-roadway stacking garage.
    2. The whole machine occupies less land, and the capacity of the car is large. The higher-level design can achieve an average space of only one square meter for one car.
    3, can provide multiple parking spaces at the same time, waiting time is short.
    4, high degree of intelligence, can be reserved for access to the car and empty parking space.
    The green garage can use the void space of the garage shape to green, making the garage a three-dimensional green body, which is conducive to beautifying the city and the environment. Intelligent control, easy to operate.
    Second, vertical circulation
    1. Provincial land: A large vertical circulation mechanical parking garage can be built in 58m2, which can accommodate 34 cars or 24 suvs.
    2. Convenience: Use PLC to automatically adjust the car, and access the car with one button.
    3, rapid: the time of shunting is short, and the car is fast.
    4, flexible: can be set on the ground or half of the ground and above, can be independent or attached to the building, but also multiple combinations.
    5. Economy: It can save a lot of expenses for purchasing land, which is conducive to rational planning and optimization of design.
    6, power saving: generally do not need forced ventilation, no large-area lighting, power consumption is only 35% of the average underground garage.
    Third, the roadway stacking
    1. It can be set on the ground or underground to make full use of the effective space. The lifting and running of the loading plate are running at the same time, and accessing the car is convenient and quick. Fully enclosed management, safe and reliable, to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
    2. The car is transported by the elevator, the walking trolley and the traverse device to realize the access vehicle operation, and the whole process is fully automatic.
    3, fixed elevator + the configuration of each layer of walking trolley, can achieve multiple people to access the car at the same time.
    Fourth, lifting and traversing
    1. Effective use of space and increase the utilization rate of space several times.
    2, access to the car is fast and convenient, unique cross-beam design, vehicle accessibility.
    3, using PLC control, high degree of automation.
    4, environmental protection and energy saving, low noise.
    5, the man-machine interface is good, a variety of operating modes are optional, easy to operate.
    Five, simple lifting
    1. One car parked two cars. (Optimized for multi-model home use)
    2, the structure is simple and practical, no special ground foundation requirements. Suitable for installation in factories, villas, residential parking lots.
    3, can be arbitrarily moved, relocation and installation is easy or according to the ground conditions, independent and multiple equipment.
    4. A special key switch is provided to prevent outsiders from starting the equipment.
    5, the car board anti-slip safety device.
    Sixth, horizontal circulation
    It is generally used in the underground setting of buildings, which saves space. The parking space covers the underground space. The closed structure is used to move freely up and down, left and right, and then lifted out of the warehouse by the lift. There is no need to set up a walkway. The car utilization rate can reach 85%.
    Seven, multi-layer circulation
    1, can be set on the ground or underground, or half underground, half of the ground, make full use of the effective space. The entrance and exit of this device can be located at the bottom, middle or upper. Fully enclosed management, safe and reliable, to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
    2. The access vehicle is operated by the elevator, the traveling trolley and the circulating device to transport the loading plate, and the whole process is fully automatic.
    Eight, plane mobile
    1. The platform and elevator of each floor operate separately, which improves the speed of the vehicles entering and leaving the warehouse. The underground space can be freely used, and the parking scale can reach thousands.
    2. When some areas fail, it does not affect the normal operation of other areas, so it is more convenient to use; the vehicle driver-centered design method is adopted to improve comfort.
    3, take multiple insurance measures, excellent security performance; comprehensive management through the computer and touch screen interface, can fully monitor the operation of the equipment, and easy to operate
    Nine, car lifts
    A lift specifically designed for use in different levels of car handling. It is only for handling without direct access to the vehicle.
    The above information is provided by Guangdong Dongri Parking Construction Management Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the research and development of double-column simple lifting, foundation pit lifts, vertical circulation, lifting and traversing, tower storage, roadway stacking, plane mobile and other products. , manufacturing, installation and maintenance and after-sales service in one. For more information, please contact the contact person: Ms.Ruan / 13926872452, Ms. Huang / 13802373158


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