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What are the regulations for building an East Japanese stereo garage?

    1. Structural design:
    After the construction of the three-dimensional garage is used to park the car for the owner, each car has a large weight, so when constructing the mechanical parking, the structural design must meet the relevant regulations, including static and live loads, earthquakes. The strength and stability of the main structure of the lower parking space, the bearing capacity of the foundation foundation and deformation. At the same time, the structural aspect ratio of each floor parking space must meet the specified requirements.
    2, parking space design:
    Although the three-dimensional garage is intrinsically different from the ordinary building, it should conform to some of the current standards and norms in China, whether it is planning site selection or general layout design and transportation, and should be synchronized with the building main body. The design, construction and construction of the three-dimensional garage should match the nature and scale of the building.
    3, the connector:
    Stereo garages require a lot of materials to be used in their manufacture. In order to fix these materials, they can be used as the main frame of the parking space. It is necessary to use embedded parts and connect them at the connected places. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and reliability, the embedded parts and connectors used must conform to the specifications and materials to ensure the safety and security of the parking space.
    The above three aspects are some regulations that the construction party must follow when constructing the machinery parking. Since the parking space exists for parking purposes, it will carry a large load, and its safety and security is very important. Therefore, it is most important during construction. It is good to choose the top ten construction units in mechanical parking to design and construct according to the site.
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