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Why does the stereo smart garage replace the traditional garage?

    With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption levels, car owners are constantly growing, and the problem of parking difficulties has become increasingly prominent. Coupled with the soaring land prices and the shortage of land resources, there are many factors to consider in establishing a parking lot. The birth of the three-dimensional garage has made many people see the hope that the all-dimensional stereo smart garage has the advantages of being more than the traditional parking garage. Because it not only eases the shortage of urban space resources, but also adapts to the city's high-tempo life.
    First, the economical resources of the province. The three-dimensional smart garage has a large capacity, saves resources and can park all types of vehicles. In terms of investment, the construction period of the general garage is shorter than the same capacity, saving electricity and saving land. Vehicle management is also convenient and safe.
    Second, the exterior looks like an office building. The construction of the three-dimensional intelligent garage is all made of high-quality alloy steel, which is very suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and tourist areas. Compared with the traditional underground garage, the new decorative materials give people a sense of novelty.
    Third, perfect supporting facilities and "green" environmental protection. Intelligent operation, many devices basically do not require operators, such as obstacle confirmation devices, emergency braking devices, anti-sudden devices, overload protection devices, leakage maintenance devices, vehicle overlength and ultra-high detection devices, etc. The smart garage has a complete security system. If used in public, it can also be equipped with a timing device to meet the charging requirements. The process of accessing the car can be manually operated or fully equipped with computer equipment, and the development prospects are broad. Vehicle access is environmentally friendly and noise-free, in line with today's energy conservation and environmental protection initiatives.
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