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Guangdong Yuhong Intelligent Garage Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Yuhong Intelligent Garage Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional intelligent three-dimensional garage company integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and after-sales service. Products include lifting and traversing, plane movement, simple lifting, roadway stacking and tower storage, covering almost all categories of mechanical parking equipment.

Yuhong Intelligent Technology owns a modern equipment production and processing base, and holds manufacturing licenses and installation and maintenance licenses for special equipment (mechanical parking equipment) issued by relevant state departments. Since its establishment, the company has formed a technical team with more capable technical strength. At the same time, it adopts advanced production processing and testing equipment; strong product design and development capabilities; and gradually improve the manufacturing and installation team and after-sales service system.

The company has long been committed to solving the problem of parking difficulties for the society, based on safety and efficiency, adhering to the advanced industrial and advanced technology of Germany and other European and American countries, and strive to create the best quality, safe, practical and intelligent products! We will continue to surpass ourselves and continue to create value for our customers and provide better technical products and services.

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