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Dongri solves the problem of unbalanced use of the three-dimensional garage for you.

    After a series of visits, we found that in the analysis of the reasons for the unreasonable use of many idle three-dimensional garages, we need to make corresponding improvement measures based on these influencing factors. On-street parking management in residential areas is not regular, and the price of parking spaces is lower than that of three-dimensional garage parking. The maintenance of the three-dimensional garage is not very good. The insufficient number of commanders during parking causes the parking effect to be poor. At the same time, the problems existing in the design of the three-dimensional garage also affect the normal operation of the three-dimensional garage, and the theoretical guidance is needed when the defects are not solved. The rational use of the three-dimensional parking equipment is in the public interest. There are not many residents in the community. The demand for the garage is not very large. The normal garage space can meet the normal use of the residents. To solve the problem that the three-dimensional garage can not be fully utilized, it is necessary to make a corresponding record, and to improve the management level of the three-dimensional parking equipment is a problem that the property needs to consider. Relevant departments should standardize the current situation of roadside parking and actively guide the application of equipment for three-dimensional parking. If you can't do orderly parking, occupying public places and passages will cause damage to the livable environment.
    The above information is provided by Guangdong Dongri Parking Construction Management Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the research and development of double-column simple lifting, foundation pit lifts, vertical circulation, lifting and traversing, tower storage, roadway stacking, plane mobile and other products. , manufacturing, installation and maintenance and after-sales service in one. For more information, please contact the contact person: Ms.Ruan / 13926872452, Ms. Huang / 13802373158


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